18 January 2014

Maha - Garjana (The Tiger's Roar)


                It was the noon of 22nd December, 2013 where THE TIGER OF INDIA – NARENDRA MODI came to address at his Maha – garjana at the MMRDA ground – Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) which was attended by nearly 8 Lakh people and viewed by crores of people.
Who is Narendra Modi?
Narendra Modi is the Chief Minister of Gujarat, India and future Prime Minister of India. He is not just a chief minister but is also a true leader having almost all the qualities of an effective leader; be it from his physical qualities like his great height, attractive appearance, and high energy; including his mental qualities like his intelligence and his ability to do a task; also his charming personality which includes his aggressiveness & enthusiasm of doing something and his confidence in himself; his task related qualities of he being goal oriented and achievement driven and being an initiator to drive a change or create something new; and lastly his social qualities of administrative abilities. He has a vision and mission and works on it. Now this is what that makes a leader effective.
His leadership is a result of his strong will power, fearless attitude, hardwork, his work being his priority, and his clear vision for the future.
He has successfully performed the roles of an effective leader; roles being of communicating with his people, leading the change for the betterment of the nation, motivating and supporting his people for a change for the betterment, and he has always made his work a learning experience for everyone.
And such a leader became an inspiration for everyone when he came to Mumbai on 22nd December, 2013 and addressed to the crowd of 8 Lakh people  present at the MMRDA ground who specially came to listen to him. He came for his Maha – garjana and he did roar like a tiger.
He fearlessly revealed the truths of the leaders of our nation’s current leading political party CONGRESS. He revealed the truth of corruption which is in the roots of the leaders of this party.
He directly pointed the main leader of Congress who is Rahul Gandhi and made a statement that it is an irony that those who are deeply involved in corruption are talking about no corruption. He gave examples related to corruption done by this party – how they earn over a tax taking toll present on highways of Maharashtra, how they did not give permission for the gates of Sardar Patel Dam in Gujarat which is beneficial for both the states Gujarat as well as Maharashtra.
He gave examples of his successful work in Gujarat which he did all these years being on the position of Chief Minister of Gujarat. Also he promised to make India a better nation in future if he becomes a Prime Minister of our country.
Narendra Modi our leader, our future Prime Minister, a silver lining for the betterment of our nation left with  creating an impact on everyone. He touched upon the hearts of the people of India and majorly the Youth of our country and became an inspiration of being truthful, initiate a change and carry it fearlessly and achieve the goal no matter what.
I salute you my inspiration and being the voice of the youth of our nation I would like to say I hope you become the Prime Minister of our nation in coming future and all I have to say is ‘Namo Namo Namo’..

-          Bindi Shah

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