31 January 2014

Social media marketing in India

Social media marketing is considered a powerful weapon in the field of online marketing. It is mainly used to build awareness of a brand and credibility of a business online with customer or create awareness for brand. It is also vital for a company that is looking forward to actively engage with their customers.
In India, people  mainly use facebook for most of the time as per survey report.

Things to keep in mind while social media marketing:-

User engagement – Brand should keep their user engagement or keep involving their customer in their products.

Active participation – It is important to be more active if a business wants to achieve desired results. One needs to log in regularly to check what is going on. A proper plan should be in place to know what is expected from the audience. When you are more active, you will come to know what people have to say about you, your business and your products or services. You will also come to know about the needs of your customers.

Images and videos – Add images and videos to increase awareness on your social media profiles. Visitors are more attracted to images and videos. Ensure that the images and videos you post tell more about your story.

Benefits from social media marketing :-

Exposure – People will be directly expose to the brands and their products and can take ready information whichever they want on click of button and they can share that information with their family and friends.

Easy building Fan – They can actually calculate their brand following and liking towards particular product.

Competitive Edge – As digital business creates very competitive market we can have check our competitors move also.
So marketing team has to keep some thing in mind before developing their marketing plan for particular brand because social media is two way communication between brand and customer using those brands they can write anything they wish about their brand.

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