Time Management


It is rightly said that “Time is Money”. One has to manage his/her timings and do everything in time so as to get the best result of whatever one does. One becomes a good manager, if he/she can apply Time Management correctly.
Time management refers to the development of processes and tools that increase efficiency and productivity (for a student, for a business, for an organization). Time management doesn't “just happen” for anyone – it is a skill that must be worked on, and that most people find to be a life-long challenge


Before answering this question, let’s talk about the management students, they seem to be busier than the President of the Nation; and why not as they daily keep on juggling between their college work, placements, jobs, co-curricular activities, community activities, family, friends and their social life.
And therefore, here comes the need for TM as;

  • Time management helps you get the most out of your education
  • Allows you to be better prepared for the demands of your life, therefore decreases anxiety
  • Helps you to assign time to tasks in proportion to their importance (prioritizing)
  • Helps you achieve a more balanced life
  • Makes you a more productive, successful person
Therefore, to enjoy all these benefits one has to do Time Management on regular basis.

What can one do to get TM in their life?


§  Not finding much time to complete your work
§  Forgetting Commitments
§  Not doing assignments in time and handling it late, and then getting a feeling of the work not being up to the mark.


§ Make a list of activities one has to do in his/her day to day life
§  Prioritize those activities
§  Allot specific timings to those activities
§  Perform it accordingly
§  And not to make it monotonous, keep on making timely changes in the time table of your activities
§  Also, be prepared for some unexpected & unplanned activities coming which might disturb your schedule
§  In that case one can immediately note down the most important to do things and do it as early as possible.

Time management is a skill that EVERYONE must work on in all areas of their life (personal, academic, work). Successful time management requires self-evaluation and the desire to improve. Effective time management will require you to do things you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do them – you have to push yourself. It’s always worth an effort to do it.

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