28 January 2014


Twitter is the charming first cousin of Facebook. Outspoken, Open, Interactive are some of the qualities of Twitter. It’s perceived limitation of 140 char/ per tweet is hardly any hindrance as people easily manage to say what they want to without writing an essay about it. It’s an oasis of information. Every second someone somewhere is describing his/her experiences about the food they had or the movie they saw last night.
Twitter spares no one. If someone has done something good, people will shower praises on him/her. If something is not socially acceptable to them, they will spit their anger out on twitter. Popular examples include #ThankYouSachin (+ve) and #Tehelka (-ve)  
The advantage of this social media is that they can get in touch with practically any person who is using Twitter. From your favorite Bollywood Super stars to Sports personality’s to news journalist’s to the President of United States of America, all use Twitter.
News Agencies are often seen using Tweets as NEWS for their TV shows or (Print) Newspaper. The medium is so fast and lively that News channels like CNN IBN regularly integrate live tweets about a particular topic directly in the screen for other non twitter users to read how general public is reacting to the event. 
India is currently using only 1% of the total world population that uses twitter, considering this statistic we can predict huge growth in the near future as the scope of expansion is Huge.
Twitter recently went public and needless to say lot of people bought the shares pushing the price value of Twitter Up.

                                            START TWEETING!   J  

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