What is Empowered MBA & Why Organizations Should Employ eMBA students?

Let me start by giving a little description about empowered MBA. Empowered MBA is an autonomous course that is conducted by Mumbai Educational Trust, Bandra(W). It is a management course similar to Post Graduate Degree in Management (PGDM) but it’s a post-graduate diploma course. It’s a full-time 2-year course & the empowered MBA students can choose their own subjects & faculty & hence the empowered MBA students are always up-to-date with the corporate world.

Management students need to know how the corporate world functions & what the new/upcoming trends are. With the introduction of subjects like Digital Business Management, Business Ethics, Corporate Law etc. empowered MBA students are well-versed in them. Therefore, once the students join an organization, they can directly implement what they were taught, without having to go through a basic training for that field. These subjects act as an added qualification in their resume. Companies are always looking to hire skilled individuals & hiring an eMBA student would benefit their company as he/she would be up-to-date with the new fields in management.

In the hopeful future, companies will realize how effective, empowered MBA is & hence the post-graduate diploma will hold as much weightage in the corporate world as a normal management degree.

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