18 January 2014

Why MBA????

This question will always remain a big question mark. This is one of the important questions that are a part of the personal interview before getting into a desired institute of management. But people do not have accurate answers for it then. But even after the get into a management institute the question mark still remains. People are still not sure why they have opted for MBA. MBA (MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION) now a days it’s a hot topic and it’s become a trend. So are you pursing because this is just a trend, or there is a real value in pursuing such a study program? This is a very expensive program & it requires high requirements for its entry so why did you opt for MBA?
Is it that you just want a stamp and an MBA degree?
Is it because you do not want to end your college life after your graduation?
Is it because you want to delay your marriage?
Is it because if you do MBA you get a good husband/wife?
Is it because your friend is doing it?
Is it because your parents forced you to go for higher studies?
Is it because you were not sure what to do further after graduation so you opted for MBA?
Is it because you want to start your own business?
Is it because you want to be dynamic?
Is it because you want to have an all round knowledge?
These are some of the reasons that an average student may have. But it is possible that you are still not sure as to why have you opted for MBA??
There are many reasons to take up MBA. Here are some of the common reasons:
o   Because you want to advance & change careers:
Even without an MBA degree over a period of time your ranks will climb, but there are some careers where you cannot advance without an MBA. If you are interested in changing careers, switching various industries and making yourself marketable your MBA can help you do all of these things. A MBA course will give you the opportunity to learn general business in the 1st year which can be closely applied to the industry. The 2nd year will offer you to specialize in the field of self interest which will help you to be prepared for a career in the field of your specialization.
o   Because you are truly interested in studying business
This is the best reason to pursue MBA. This is because if you really have a interest in Business Administration you will really enjoy the topic and feel like you can increase the knowledge and expertise

So if you are a person that can handle the challenge of holding leadership position of having a lot of responsibility and be in the constant cycle of learning and development then you are on the right track to be a candidate for MBA.

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