06 February 2014

Advertising in Social Media / E-commerce web-sites

Advertisers now have a new medium to reach out to unique set of people, these people are connected 24/7 and are practically addicted to their Smartphones. Apps like Email / Whatsapp / Twitter / Instant Messenger / Facebook / Instagram are always popping up on their phone screens. Sherry Turkle in her book: Alone Together - Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, says:

 “Technology has become the architect of our intimacies. Online, we fall prey to the illusion of companionship, this relentless connection leads to a new solitude. As technology ramps up, our emotional lives ramp down, it describes new unsettling relationships between friends, lovers, parents, and children, and new instabilities in how we understand privacy and community, intimacy, and solitude
Sources: Facebook reported a 60% surge in revenue, to $2.02bn (£1.26bn), in the third quarter

 L’Oreal launched a digital-only advertising campaign for its hair care brand L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair. The video for the ad created by digital media agency FoxyMoron garnered more than 1.7 million views on YouTube in one week. The digital space allows companies to wrap advertising into social media applications in ways that are simply not possible on TV. For instance, Amul launched a Facebook application and a microsite for its latest advertising campaign, “Eats Milk with Every Meal”, created by DraftFCB Ulka, the brand’s advertising agency.
Television advertising is estimated at Rs.16,525 crore a year, while print accounts for Rs.15,250 crore, as per data from the media buying agency GroupM. The size of the digital advertising market is estimated at Rs:2260 crore for FY2013 by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), and is expected to touch Rs.2,938 crore by the end of FY2014. Ad spending on social media went up from Rs.94 crore in FY2012 to Rs.300 crore in FY2013, according to IAMAI.

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