How online marketing help in Business and is effective – Part 2

Reason 5 :- you can develop good relationship with your customers

You can connect through customer through various social media or app also by which you will know that your brand worth and you can have direct view from customer also for any changes or suggestions.

Reason 6 :- You can convert visitor into customer.

Once if web spider know that the person visited your site for something to purchase and didn’t purchase anything you can create affiliate marketing and you can convert that visitor into customer and after that they will register with their email id so you can send them offer letters also.

Reason 9 :- No restriction to promote your business

While doing marketing we are restricted to certain areas and money budget also but in online marketing we are not restricted we can market our business all over the world and get our customers.

Reason 8:- Online Marketing Is Eco-Friendly

Imagine how many trees are being cut down just to come up with yellow pages? Imagine how much waste is thrown out when people dump their yellow pages? With online marketing, you are at peace with the nature. You gain without hurting the ecosystem.

Now a days with an increase in technology we in India earlier thought that tier 3 cities wont be using PC very often but according to recent surveys they use more internet as compare to tier 2 cities.

Online marketing is more effective because it is measurable in each and every scale whether it is visitors , money , sales and conversion. It is more effective because we get actual figures in our hand that how much did we spend and what was conversion rate or in simple terms we can say ROI for any business.

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