31 March 2014

A handy tip for Empowered eMBA students

Ties are made of delicate fabrics such as silk. If you stain them by spilling food or liquids such as ink or juice on your ties, it has been known to be rather difficult to remove.

Well, read up to see how you can save that favorite tie of yours:

If regrettably you drop something on your tie, blot the stain with a tissue or hankie or tissue. Remember not to scrub the mark since it will increase the affected part.

After that you could use a dampened washcloth, rub the stain somewhat and see if the stain can be removed with ease. Then use a hair-drier to get freed of the dampness left on the tie. Do not grip the hair-drier too adjacent to the tie since high temperature can damage the material.

If that's not fruitful, you may try washing it in warm or cold water by hand. Soak the stain in water and marginally rub the stain with your hand. If a slight cleaning agent is used, you should first smear a little of it at the back of your tie to check if it will weaken the color or harm the material used to make the tie.

Last resort is to send it the dry cleaners and if it does not work then either, sorry sir, you will need a new tie.

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