25 March 2014

A Response is Marketing

Have you ever pushed a lift button a thousand times because you’re in a hurry and you’re concerned it “didn't take?” Today, in my building, I pushed a button and it lit up to tell me, “Hey, yes you did indeed push me.” Wow, I thought. A response.

Sometimes, I have email in my inbox from people who have sent me email a few days before. They’re pushing the same button. They’re saying, “I really hope you’ll respond soon.” I’m that black lift button without a light to tell them they've been seen.


One of humankind’s greatest needs is to feel wanted. An extension of that is the feeling that we need to be seen. From early childhood, we start this dance of “mama! Mama! Look at what I’m doing!” I feel we never really grow out of this.
It’s also courtesy. I've said something. You acknowledge me. Right?
Responding is marketing, is business, is an opportunity. How often aren't you responding? How often aren't you marketing?
Like anyone, I have a long way to go until my responses match my marketing. What about you?

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