29 March 2014

An Empowered eMBA students life at MET

College life is what you make it to be either fun or totally study oriented or a mix of both which would be ideal. My life here is a perfect union of both studies and pleasure doing the Empowered eMBA at MET.

MET is a great institute that helps students grow and learn stuff that they enjoy be it academics or extracurricular activities and the Empowered eMBA helps us do exactly that. Well, academics being the one basic and most important avenues, extracurricular activities are also encouraged to a very high extent. Our yearly festival “Utsav” is the best example I can come up with where we have various activities from sports to culture and performing arts to just turning the auditorium into a club. We also have a lot of intra-college celebrations like friendship day, fresher’s parties, traditional day to name a few. And yes, our Industrial visit no doubt was great fun.

Most of the time we spend is supposed to be in the classroom where we are most of the time as well, but yeah, it is also in the gym, the campus garden and canteen where we end up playing table tennis, carom, chess, or in my case as well as a lot of others eating and laughing for long periods of time, that is after the lectures are over. We never believe in bunking!

On a more serious note, the number of PowerPoint presentations, paper submissions and other academic work, which don’t get wrong is a lot, is made fun, easy and entertaining. Whatever we say, this year that has gone by has been amazing fun.

The numerous clubs we get to join that help us develop core competencies as well as the various seminars we get a chance to attend, all makes this journey of Empowered eMBA even more memorable. 

My life has been great at MET thus far, and I  know there is a lot to look forward to. A great set of friends, a lot of pictures, memories that have an impression on my mind and heart forever!

College life is what you make out of it and I have made them my most memorable days. What about you?

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