26 March 2014

Attack on Titans

It’s the end of the year and a lot of high-end graphic games have been released in fall 2013, consisting of - Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed 4, Batman Arkham Origins and many more. Such games need graphic cards with higher benchmarks, computer performance and frames per second and lesser noise, power consumption and heating.
With all the possibilities taken into consideration you can’t just satisfy gamers without good graphical quality. For this purpose, innovations are being made on a regular basis when it comes to graphic cards to attract more gamers.
AMD had released R9 series of graphic cards -290x and 290, with higher performance at a lesser price which has made Nvidia to make a move. Nvidia had dropped prices of the 700 series and were giving free games and discounts for Shield for a particular period
Comparing Geforce GTX 780 Ti and R9 290, it has been found that the price difference is approximately 30% more than that of AMD. Nvidia giving 13% performance boost more than AMD in the above mentioned games as per ligitreviews.com. As per benchmarks and computer performance is concerned- Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 Ti is the winner, but the noise and power consumption is higher compared to R9 290.
Nvidia‘s strategy was to compel or tempt more number of buyers to buy Nvidia instead of   the new AMD R9 series, when both can support 4K gaming. But when R9 290x comes into picture, it’s the perfect way to slay the Titans. It would be in the vanguard position when it comes to slaying the Nvidia Titans.
AMD which was defensive for so many years went offensive suddenly, giving no time for Nvidia to make counter-strategies, which led to decrease in prices of Nvidia 700 series. No matter what the offers given, in the end it’s all about how much one is willing to pay and how much loyal they are to a particular brand.
On one side its AMD with ultra HD Performance at a low price and on the other its Nvidia whose trying to sweeten the deal by giving discounts, free games and   other offers. Who will you choose?
25th December 2013

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