Business Ethics...

Business Ethics Development
*      The cultural context influences organizational ethics
*      Top managers also influence ethics
*      The combined influence of culture and top management influence organizational ethics and ethical behaviors.
The Evolving Context for Ethics
*      From domestic where ethics are shared
*      To international where ethics are not shared when companies:
*      Make assumptions that ethics are the same
*      Ethical absolutism—they adapt to us
*      Ethical relativism—we adapt to them
*      To global which requires an integrative approach to ethics
Emergence of a Global Business Ethics
*        Growing sense that responsibility for righting social wrongs belongs to all organizations
*      Growing business need for integrative mechanisms such as ethics
*      Ethics reduce operating uncertainties
*      Voluntary guidelines avoid government impositions
*      Ethical conduct is needed in an increasingly interdependent world—everyone in the same game
*      Companies wish to avoid problems and/or be good public citizens
Ways Companies Integrate Ethics
*      Top management commitment in word and deed
*      Company codes of ethics
*      Supply chain codes
*      Develop, monitor, enforce ethical behavior
*      Seek external assistance.

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