29 March 2014

Cyber Crime and Cyber Space

With the advent of Computers as a basic tool of Communication, Information Processing, Information Storage, Physical Devices Control, etc., a whole new Cyber Society has come into existence. This Cyber society operates on a virtual world created by Technology and it is the “Cyber Space Engineering” that drives this world. In maintaining harmony and co-existence of people in this Cyber Space, there is a need for a legal regime which is what we recognize as “Cyber laws”.  Cyber Laws are the basic laws of a Society and hence have implications on every aspect of the Cyber Society such as Governance, Business, Crimes, Entertainment, Information Delivery, Education etc. 
Cyber Space: An Internet or network of computers can operate without constrains of space, state borders, etc.  Though they are only a medium for storage and analysis and communication of information, they virtually create a world of their own – a medium in which business can be transacted without any of the inhibitions that the real world imposes. 
The New Shorter Oxford Dictionary explains the expression “cyberspace” as follows:
 The notional environment within which electronic communication occurs, especially when      represented as the inside of a computer system; space perceived as such by an observer but generated by a computer system, and having no real existence; the space of virtual reality”.

“Cyberspace” is computer-governed environment, which does not exist in reality but yet serves many of the purposes that the visible, tangible world serves.  The Act does not mention cyberspace but dubs the Appellate Tribunal for which it proves as “Cyber Tribunal” 

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