26 March 2014


Digital Marketing is for those who find within themselves a creative spark and passion for the internet. Vaijayanthi Kadhiravan outlines it all. If you have ever received an e-mail offering a variety of numbers or websites to contact for free wall papers of Bollywood stars, you're no stranger to the world of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the use of the internet for advertisement and publicity. With increasing human interest in online pursuits, digital marketers indeed have an enviable job!
Real estate marketers are switching over to digital marketing to maximize margins and minimize marketing expenses as real estate industry continues to jostle with falling sales, drying cash flows, high interest rates, devaluing rupee and soaring input costs, anAssocham survey said.
The industry body interacted with about 2,000 real estate marketers, property developers and builders during May-July, 2013 at urban centers of Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune for the survey. About 45 per cent of respondents said they have started using 3D walkthroughs and renders for promotion as it helps the customers visualize what they are buying. Besides, many even said it is helping them boost sales and increase customer inquiries. The survey highlighted that due to slowdown, property developers are cutting back on advertisement expenditure incurred on traditional marketing modes of print media like newspaper, banners, flex prints, brochures, flyers and others to enhance brand visibility and lure potential customers and are instead shifting to newer technologies through marketing tools like search engine optimization, search engine marketing apart from realistic photography, 3D visualizations, interactive walkthroughs and other gesture based effects including plenty of textures and objects to add a more natural look to their projects.
Google will publish its data-supported insights about digital marketing trends via Think Insights. "From papers to case studies to videos, Think Insights represents the ongoing work we're doing to better understand how people use the web, and how marketers are adapting to this changing terrain," said Jenny Liu, Google's Senior Product Marketing Manager in a blog post.
Interesting questions such as 'How do new mothers use the Internet? When do people really start their holiday shopping? What trends typify today's Hispanic web user?' will be answered by Google via the new site so that marketers can make better informed decisions, the company claimed.
In one topic, for instance, it has sought to answer how to understand the smart phone user behavior. A recent study by Google revealed four behavioral trends; consumers are seeking local information, searching for answers with greater urgency than desktop, finding new ways to entertain themselves, and using phones as shopping companions.
Based on this study, Google has summarized that: 71% of Smartphone users search because of an ad they've seen either online or offline; 82% of Smartphone users notice mobile ads; 74% make a purchase as a result of using their smart phones to help with shopping; and 88% of those who look for local information on their smart phones take action within a day.
Privacy champions may have cried foul in past over all the covert and overt data collection practices adopted by companies like Google and Face book, but for once Google seems keen to share the information openly for larger good. As long as individual privacy is not compromised in the hands of marketers, the web user is unlikely to mind and might rather welcome such initiatives.
Source India times.

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