30 March 2014

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

      Social media is a major component of internet marketing, which is part of digital marketing. If we compare the two side by side we will find that:
Digital marketing goes beyond the Internet and tries to reach people in the off-line world using digital means while social media is limited to the boundaries of the internet.
A digital marketing campaign may include one or more components (internet advertising, mobile ads, TV, SMS etc.) while a social media strategy may include one or more social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
Social media is strongly associated with a content strategy i.e. you create content and use social media to promote it while a digital marketing can concentrate entirely on banners (either on the Internet, TV or billboards) for promotion.

Traditional Marketing
1.    In traditional Marketing a person can see and understand non-verbal communication.
2.    It is more free flowing discussion dynamics easy to pursue issues.
3.    Reaches all segments of population
4.    But looking at the negative aspect of traditional marketing it is expensive and time consuming
5.    It is more geographic limitation
6.    It is less flexibility for respondenrts.

Digital Marketing.
1.    Digital marketing is faster and more time effective.
2.    Wider geographical reach.
3.    More flexibility for respondents.
4.    Helps to understand digital media world customer groups that have most affinity with this world.
5.    Digital marketing also have negative aspects, higher drop out rate response rate
6.    Less representative sample (no internet ot computer at home)
7.    Hard to see or understand non-verbal communication.
8.    More structured and rigid discussion dynamics.

Here by I conclude that Digital Marketing is broad version of marketing instead of traditional Marketing. People are are busy with their daily work and prefer to use computers and mobile application to be updated of what is going on around the world.

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