31 March 2014

Emergence of Eye Hospital in India

The incredible gift of vision imparted via eyes is indeed a benison in disguise, so when issues related to eye problems arise, it being one of the most vital organs of our body deserves utmost attention.
Just a few decades back Eye hospital did not exist as a separate entity but formed a small segment of multi-specialty Hospitals instead. Now there has been a paradigm shift in this as number of eye hospital have shown a steep rise. The reason behind this changed scenario can be attributed to various factors such as people becoming more aware of the necessity to attend to eye problems on time, advancement in biomedical technologies related to eye etc.

Most of the Eye hospital in mumbai are equipped with a Standard set up required for treatment of various eye related diseases and disorders. For ease of operation further classifications are also done in the hospital based on the specific area which is affected. For instance eye clinics can be further sub divided in to Glaucoma clinic, Retina clinic ,Pediatric Ophthalmology ,Neuro- Ophthalmology ,Vision Rehabilitation services, Oculoplasty , Cataract etc.

 Many problems related to eyes arising either due to negligence , injury ,allergy or any other complexities are taken care of in such hospitals .Disorders related to various parts of the eye such as that of eyelid ,sclera ,cornea ,retina ,iris ciliary body etc are treated here using state of art technologies. Various high end instruments are used for diagnostic, therapeutic, sterilization and other purposes. Instruments such as OCT, Auto-Perimeter, Applanation Ton meter, ERG, VEP ,Prism, Keratometer etc are used for pliliminary diagnostic purposes. Diode Laser, Interlace, Synoptophore etc are used for therapeutic purposes and Statim etc are used for sterilization purposes.

 All this reliable technology related to eye care is available in India in a comparatively low cost. This is the reason for which people from abroad too prefer India for various eye treatments. Besides this, Eye checkup sections and correction through laser facility also form an integral part of these hospitals .Lasik surgery in India are those that make use of lasers for treating problems like Myopia, Hyperopia , Astigmatism etc. There are quite a few unfortunate people too who are deprived of vision. They are blind either right from birth or lose eye sight due to some accident, disease etc. Eye donation centers which are a part of these hospitals and which cater to the requirement of eye transplants can be a ray of hope for such people. Here by adept removal, storage and transplant of donated eyes, the process of imparting vision to the needed is carried out in an adroit manner. Few such hospitals also undertake events such as awareness drives regarding eye donations wherein they reach to the masses and explain them the clutter free procedure of eye donation and it's benefits. They also set up free eye check up camps etc. All these humanitarian acts can be considered as benevolent ways in which these organizations pay back to the society.

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