25 March 2014

Future of sports in India

With the results of Indian contingent in the latest Olympics held in London, there is a question starting to regain its old heights: “What can inspire future generation to take sports as a career in India?
The London Olympic 2012′s slogan ‘Inspire a generation’ rang a bell. So do we lack or the potential or the inspiration? Most of the players playing in India are either hailing from a sporting background or from a prosperous family. So clearly there is a lot more that India can offer, all we need is inspiration.
Let’s see the factors that keep young generation intimidated rather than inspired:
1. Education system: Since school time, the education system only emphasizes on studies and sports are just for fun.
2. Family orientation: Everyone wants their children to be either Doctors or Engineers, but a sportsperson, no way!
3. Government support: Well, they give lot of jobs based on sports quota to accomplished athletes, but sadly there is no institution that invites openly anyone who has the talent, from root level.
The third problem is the main, if it is solved the above two will be automatically solved.
So finally it just narrows down to the government that should step forward and take measures, but the question is, what measures? 
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