30 March 2014

Hope to find a cure for Cancer?

Cancer is one of the most dreaded illnesses that there is. Scientists and medical professionals have been working for years together to find a cure for this illness that has caused loads of people to lose their lives.

Pancreatic cancer has been known for its high death rate and is a difficult cancer to detect in this earlier stages. A teenage scientist named Jack Andraka has discovered a cheap and fairly easy method to test for whether or not a person is suffering from pancreatic cancer or not.

It is known that pancreatic cancer is a killer and is one of those cancers that are very difficult to spot. One of the major explanations for its survival rate to be as low as it is, it is that is has very few signs or symptoms in its early stages.

The 16-year-old researcher and scientist, Jack Andraka has sworn to try his best to find a rapid and inexpensive method to somehow test for some kind of early signs and symptoms of the disease, in people who maybe suffering from cancer in the early stages. If he manages to pull this off he would be the sole reason for saving thousands of lives all around the world, a hero, in the literal sense.

The research that is being conducted by Andraka includes writing to about a total of 200 science professors who help him in developing a dipstick diagnostic test. This dipstick test examines for a biomarker in the patients that are suffering from the horrid illness of pancreatic cancer.

This method that he is using will be able to also help in detecting other cancers including ovarian and lung cancer.

Is this the beginning of the end of cancer?

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