27 March 2014

How to manage a team effectively ?

A team is a group of people with different thoughts and capabilities, knowledge and skills coming together to complete a desired assignment for a long term or a short term period. After the task is completed the team disperses. For doing the same every team has a leader heading them and guiding them through their work. And this team leader
                    A well managed team is the one which is hard working and innovative in their ideas. And to manage a team effectively is the responsibility of the leader. It requires a lot of traits such as foresightedness, leadership, decision making, planning to manage a team in an effective manner.

Effective management of a team :- 
Ø  Communication :-
             Communication between people should be clear. Eg- the team leader should know what exactly the seniors expect from a team and the leader should be capable enough to extract the same from its members .

Ø  Assessment :-
               The team leader should know its members well- their strength, weakness, opportunity and threats and then give them tasks according to their calibre. And the leader is also responsible to assess the work on a regular basis.

Ø  Fair treatment :-
          All the members should be treated equally. There should be no discrimination between people. This can affect the work of the whole team

Ø  Conflict management :-
               If any conflict between people arises the leader has to be capable enough of handling it and creating positivity in the working conditions of the place.

Tips for a better team management experience :-

Ø  Motivate your team :-
            By motivating your team you would get the desired results in time with perfection and also there will be a good rapo between the leader and the team.

Ø  Manage multi-location teams :-
              If your team members are working from different locations it is very important for the leader to manage them all along with their work in time.

Ø  Support your team :-
              An effective team leader is the one who supports his team in their decisions and encourages them to perform even better.

Ø  Encourage development and training :-
                     Training and development is a continuous process.  With new kind of work everyday each member and the leader should be trained first.

Ø  Plan and meet targets :-
               The team should work with coordination and planning to finish the targets in time or sometimes before if possible. This is the responsibility of not only the leader but also the members .

Ø  Maintain discipline :-
                  Maintaining decorum in the working area and working hours is very necessary. Going with the code of conduct of the organization is the utmost rule of every employee.

Ø  Protect the interest of the organization :-
                     Every employee should work in the interest of the organization first and them the team and then for himself. He should not forget that he is an employee working under someone.

Ø  Build an sustain team culture :-
                   Every team leader should build a pattern and flow in which all the members should work. This working culture should be adapted by all the members.

Ø  Strengthen team bonding :-
                   Before starting the work together every team member should know each other well if it is a long term project. their strengths and weaknesses should known by all the other team members.

Ø  Aim for challenging tasks :-

                      If the team if performing good it should always aim at performing better in each task. They should take up a challenge that their next task will be higher than the previous one. 

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