How to Select Members In Order to Form an Effective Team?

Forming an effective team is not as easy as it looks. Potential team members need to be interviewed & their skills & knowledge should be assessed properly. The organization that is forming a team should first assess what the skills, knowledge & attitudes of potential team members should be. That can act as a benchmark for selection.

Once that is done, potential members can be interviewed. To be selected, a member should possess the following skills:
·       Unique strength the individual brings to the team
·       Motivated to improve working performance
·       An effective but non-harmful problem solving style
·       Shares information effectively with all team members
·       Good listening skills
·       Provides useful feedback when necessary
·       Takes every other member’s view into consideration

It is important to remember that effective teams are generally made up of a variety of personalities. The selection process should not be biased towards one personality type. An effective team needs to have the detail-oriented individuals as well as the outgoing, insightful individuals. There are also important factors to consider when selecting team members, like years of work experience, frequency of team participation & any prior team training received.

These points can be effectively utilized by management when selecting team members to increase the opportunity for overall success.

By Kirk Coutinho

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