29 March 2014


An HRIS, which is also known as a human resource information system or human resource management system (HRMS), is basically an intersection of human resources and information technology through a HR software solution. This allows HR activities and processes to occur electronically.
To put it another way, an HRIS may be viewed as a way, through software, for businesses big and small to take care of a number of activities, including those related to human resources, accounting, management, and payroll. An HRIS allows a company to plan manage and control its HR costs more effectively, without needing to allocate too many resources toward them. It also helps in efficient decision-making.
Benefits offered by HRIS
There are a number of solutions offered to a company that adopts an HRIS. These include solutions in training, payroll, HR, compliance, and recruiting. The majority of quality HRIS systems include flexible designs that feature databases that are integrated with a wide range of features available. Ideally, they will also include the ability to create reports and analyze information quickly and accurately, in order to make the workforce easier to manage. It also saves the time of an HR manager, which is spent in dealing with non-strategic, routine tasks required to run the administrative-side of HR. It enables the provision of a single location for announcements, external web links, and company policies, which otherwise includes a lot of paper work. This is a centralized system which can be easily accessed anywhere within the company which decreases the redundancy.
A range of popular modules are available, including those for recruiting, such as resume and applicant management, attendance, email alerts, employee self-service, organizational charts, the administration of benefits, succession planning, rapid report production, and tracking of employee training. It is important to choose the right HRIS. A company while investing in an HRIS that fits their goals, objectives, mission, and values, is a company that is investing in its future and in its success. Customization of HRIS is also important as it will remain flexible and will produce relevant information throughout the life of a company

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