29 March 2014

human resource management

“ I have six honest serving men,
   They taught me all I knew,
   Their names are What and Why and When
    How and Where and Who.”                                          Rudyard Kipling
WHAT: It is an assessment about how the employee is performing on the job. Is it as per expectations, below expectations or above expectations.
WHY is it necessary to have an appraisal systems? Two objectives are there- what are these ?
WHEN are appraisals to be done? Once a year? Twice a year ? Or once in two years?
Is there a process involved in appraisals? WHO is to be involved and why must they be involved?
WHERE is it to be done? In the open or behind closed doors?
HOW- Methods of Performance Appraisal .
  1. Assessing Performance
  2. Increment
  3. Promotion
  4. Transfer
  5. Training
  6. Development
7.       Termination
  Types of Appraisal Systems
  1. Traits appraisal
  2. Targets and Traits appraisal
  3. MBO
  4. 360 Degree appraisal system.
  1. The halo error
  2. The central tendency
  3. Constant errors
         (a) too harsh
         (b) too easy or lenient
  1. Miscellaneous errors
         (a) similar-to me.
         (b) contrast
         (c )position
         (d) biases of sex, race, religion, and nationality.       

‘Training”- is a process of learning a sequence of programmed behaviour. It attempts to improve performance on the current job or prepare for an intended job
 ‘Development’ – it is related to training and covers not only activities which covers improvement in job performance but also brings about growth of the personality; helps individuals in the progress towards maturity and self-actualization of the person’s potential capacities so that they become not only better employees but also better men and women.Training a person for a bigger job is Development which would include not only specific skills and knowledge but also personality and mental attitudes

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