29 March 2014

Human resource planning

Human resource planning is the process in which the management of any organisation sets the organisational goals and plans on how it will be achieved by the employees. HR planning helps in forecasting the future and helps create a framework for strategies to be set in order to achieve organisational goals along with employee satisfaction.
A good plan helps avoid mistakes. Time is very precious and planning helps save this time. A well structured plan or policy can help the management explore great opportunities. Basically human resource planning helps in managing the workforce of any organisation by activities like diversity management. Planning the number of employees (staffing) to be recruited in the organisation is the most important task for any HR department. For recruiting the HR manager has to analyse his organisation internally first. He must know the nature of work and the qualification and skills required to do this work. In order to recruit he must study well the attrition rate of his organisation. Hence a very well defined plan is necessary before the recruitment process starts.

HR Planning
Once the recruitment process is complete the next planning requirement is for allocation of work to the recruited employees. If the wrong task is assigned to the wrong employee, it may not only demoralise him but also worst affect the organisation since the output of the team will be inefficient and unproductive. If the organisation needs some special skill set for any task, then sufficient and relevant training must be planned for the employees. Planning is used to increase the productivity of an organisation and to do so we need to plan the resources of the organisation carefully. Optimum use of resources is important. To avoid misuse of resources by the employee for personal use it is important to create awareness amongst them. This can be done by the HR department through posters and small lecture sessions. It is the responsibility of the HR department to develop good professional ethics in the employees. Planning various policies, rules and regulations is an integral part of human resource planning. Policies are made keeping organisational goals and individual goals both in mind. Policies must be flexible and easily accepted by everyone. Employee grievance solving centre must be developed by the HR. It helps in bridging the gap between the employees and the management. These are some of the major aspects of Human resource planning. It is not an easy task to manage humans. And hence with changing times the Hr policies must change too. Big organisations these days must have modern policies keeping in mind the current generation employees. Human resource plan hence must not be drafted for more than 3 years in future. With changing trends and keeping in mind the external threats to the organisation plans must be modified in order to retain their employees.

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