The word ‘Induction’ comes from the Latin root inducere, meaning to bring in; to introduce. Induction is the first step of introducing the job and organization to the new employee and marks the first impression of the company on the employee. The quality of an induction program-its contents and style of delivery has an everlasting impact on the employee.
The Importance of Induction Programmes
Induction is part of a long-term investment in a new employee.
Induction training is extremely essential for any company as it helps a new recruit to grow within an organisation and it will motivate him/her. It inculcates in the employee more confidence to progress and develop. It is within the induction when a new recruit gets to learn and understand many attributes of the organisation such as employment philosophy, physical work environment, employee's rights, employee's responsibilities, organisation culture, values along with key business processes.  It is then that they can get to find out where the coffee can be made and where the toilets can be found!
A new entrant should not only have the capability to do the job but they should culturally fit into the organisation. Interaction at this stage shapes an individual's disposition and outlook for work. The importance of an effective induction must not be be underestimated!
Objective Of Induction Programme
The main objective for having an effective induction programme is to introduce, familiarise and integrate a new recruit into the organisation as quickly and painlessly as possible (being paraded around the office whilst everyday gawks at you is not effective or necessary). It should familiarise new employees about the culture, accepted practices and performance standards of the organisation.
Benefits of Induction Programme
New joiners are able to achieve initial targets and really make an impact having been given the appropriate tools in which to do the job.  The employee will also be able to perform better if they are more familiar with the company, its systems and the candidate's team. This consequently helps with staff turnover and retention. A comprehensive and systematic induction in conjunction with training allows sales employees to have the ability to earn work life leading to job satisfaction.

1.      Providing Corporate Family Tree
2.      Avoid Death by PowerPoint
3.      Create a great first impression
4.      Involve The Big Boss  if possible
5.      Not Too Hasty, Too Boring, Too Impersonal, Too Personal, Too Neglectful!
6.      Avoid Exaggeration and False Commitment.

Here by I would further like to elaborate and illustrate with an example on a real life induction program scenario in FMCG Company, Hindustan Unilever Limited designated for SALES MANAGER position.

DATE                               COMPANY TITLE                       PRFERABLE POSITION
08th October 2013                      Hindustan Unilever Limited                   Sales Manager
Day 1
Orientation to Company:
Conducted by the HR Manager.
Welcoming the Manager by making a company announcement like sending an e-mail or by circulating a letter or even both. Also by sending an official company welcome letter from Human Resource Department and the Administrative department to the Manager.
The Sales Manger should go through the offer letter and check for the standard information regarding the position, start date and compensation. The position title and responsibilities are among the first items which must be provided in an offer letter. Specific duties are listed in detail under the job description so the Manager knows exactly what is expected of him by the organization. Annual base salary and a payment schedule make up the compensation section. If the position provides the opportunity for bonuses, this information is typically should be mentioned. Only after noticing all the details mentioned in the letter and understanding the gravity of the situation the Manger should take a call of signing the document.
After signing of the letter, the Manger officially becomes an employee of the organization.
Post the signing session, the HR should take the responsibility of laying out the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and elaborate on the History of  HUL.
The new manager could refer to the employee handbook not only in the first few weeks but throughout his employment with the company. A good employee handbook includes items such as the company's dress code,   vacation and sick time policy, workplace conduct policies such as sexual harassment, benefits explanation, company history, time card procedures, career path information and important company contact information. Make it mandatory that each employee read the handbook before finishing new employee orientation; the HR must encourage the new joinee to ask questions about the handbook.
Organizational Structure
Organizational structure is particularly important for decision making and thus is crucial for the Manager to understand and the HR to convey. In a large organization it is important to know which people oversee certain functions. A new joinee will also feel comfortable in areas such as communication, evaluating, data collection, achieving goal and results, preventing/finding threats internal and externally.
With that the HR can get into the present situation of the company like, Current Employee’s Title and designation, Company’s Profits, Company’s Turnover of last 5 year,Product/Service offered,CSR, new product launched and successful, market share, price per share and other important aspects related to the sales manager job profile
With the assistance of the accounts department and Hr Manager respectively, a new salary account procedure is initiated in its Corporate account bank. In some small FMCG companies it’s optional. The Manager must provide all the necessary documents asked by the dept to avoid any ambiguity further.

Day 2
Orientation to Department.
Initiated by HR Manger and Immediate Reporting Boss followed by his team and co workers.
The HR needs to prepare for the new manager’s arrival and make sure he/she has the resources, work-related items, and necessary training to succeed in the new position.
Prior to the Manger’s arrival, certain department activities should be conducted under the responsibility of the HR. The key concerns of the HR can be, informing the department about the respective arrival, formal introduction to the Manager and his immediate Boss. Set up and clean the employee’s office safe and welcome him to his desk.
The HR must once again explain the Sales Department Structure information but this time in more detail and depth, covering both the formal and informal aspect of each member.
The HR manger must also put across the Employee benefits aspect such as Leave, Attendance, On field and Office ratio, pay scale, incentive structure & eligibility, counselling, pay holidays, vacations and holiday, Insurance, PF details, Insurance and Medical, Retirement Benefits.
Post the Employee benefits session, the Technical Trainee Manger will take over and will give you a detailed technical details and specification of every products and especially for the one the Manger is hired for. The Trainee also is also responsible for the sales presentation, the discounting, the USP, Client servicing and thus making the Manger a competent Manager.
By this, almost of the HR task is accomplished, further the Sales Manger gets to learn and educate himself about every aspects of his job. First he will be briefed by his immediate Boss about Market overview and a detailed discussion with his co-workers.Then arises the main concern of checking into the past record of his specific area/region and further evaluating the sales record and analysing the market condition. Based on the analyses, planning for the current or coming month with the existing resources. Understanding the market condition through the team members and co workers and thus estimating the monthly activities and presenting the sales plan for the assigned month to the Boss and bring in the necessary changes required.
Orientation to Job
This is the most essential part to which a Manager can grow up the ladder or be terminated. So, the manager should be cautious and alert on every angel towards his/her job practically.
The Job description should be mentioned specially and in detailed like the location, its tasks, targets, safety needs, resources to be used, working conditions, maintaining relationship with other jobs/dept/people. For example-the sales manager who will be on field should maintain a good relationship with the admin/back office details for all formal activities.
The sales manager is responsible for the planning, recruitment, direction, organisation and control of sales managers and sales representatives to accomplish specific objectives.
A Sales Manager cannot achieve his/her assigned target without cooperating with his/her team, a manager is responsible for developing the team through motivation, counselling, skills development and product knowledge development.

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