31 March 2014


The word ‘Induction’ comes from the latin root “inducer”, meaning to bring in; to introduce. Induction on a work front is the first step of introducing the job and organisation to a new employee. The quality of an induction program – its content & style of delivery has an everlasting impact on the employee.
Objective :
The main objective for having an effective induction programme is to introduce , familiarise and integrate a new employee into the organisation as quickly and painlessly as possible. It should familiarize the new employees with the work culture, accepted practices and performance standard of the organisation.
Importance of induction:
Induction is a part of a long term investment in a new employee. Induction training is extremely essential for any company as it helps a new recruit to grow within an organisation and it will motivate him/her. It inculcates in the employees more confidence to progress and develop. It is within the induction when a new recruit gets to learn and understand many attributes of the organisation such as employment philosophy, physical work environment, employee rights, employee’s responsibilities, organisation cultures, values along with key business processes. It is then that they can get to find out where the coffee can be made and where restrooms can be found!!   
A new entrant should not only have the capability to do the job but they should culturally fit into the organisation. Interaction at this stage shapes an individual’s disposition and outlook  for work. The importance of an effective induction must not be underestimated!!
Benefits of induction programme:
New joiners are able to achieve initial targets and really make an impact having been given the appropriate tools in which to do the job. The employee will also be able to perform better if they are more familiar with the company, its system and the candidates team. This consequently helps with staff turnover and retention. A comprehensive and systematic induction in conjunction with training allows sales employees to have the ability to earn work life leading to job satisfaction.
Some tips for Good Induction
1.     Providing Corporate family tree
2.     Avoid death by PPT

3.     Create a great first impression, etc.

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