29 March 2014

jobs satisfaction- measurment

Ways of measuring Job Satisfaction:
(a)    Rating Scales
      1. General rating scales
      2. Popular rating scales
          Minnesota Satisfaction Questionaire
          Job Description Index
          Porter Need Identification Questionaire 
(b)   Critical Incidents
      This method was popularized by Frederick Herzberg and covers incidents in the job situation which othimp
      This method provides an opportunities for in-depth interaction and clarification but the interviewer could be prejudiced and the manner of questioning and recording the information could affect the result.Besides the method is time-consuming and expensive.
(d) Action Tendencies
      Here the respondents are asked on how they feel like behaving with respect to certain aspects of their job.
 Impact of Job Satisfaction on Work Performance
There is a big debate on whether job satisfaction has a positive effect on productivity. But employees with satisfied employees are more effective than those with dissatisfied employees.Just as job satisfaction is a result of work experience, organizational effectiveness can be improved by identification of causes for high dissatisfaction.
It must be noted that there is no definite linkage between satisfaction and productivity. In other words,satisfied workers need not be the highest producers.
Job Satisfaction and Absenteeism
Research has shown that there is an inverse relationship between job satisfaction and absenteeism.When Job satisfaction is high, absenteeism. And when satisfaction is low, absenteeism is high.When an employee feels is not that important he tends to remain frequently absent.

Other related impacts of Job Satisfaction
-          Better mental health and physical health
-          Enthusiasm to learn new job-related tasks
-          Fewer on- the- job accidents and grievances
-          Likely to engage in pro-social behaviour- tries to help colleagues, customers and will to be cooperative
        Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Productivity, Turnover and Absenteeism.

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