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“Market Segmentation Is Subdividing Of Market Into Homogeneous Sub Set Of Customers Where Any Subset May Conceivably Be Selected As Marketing Target With To Be Reached”-Philip Kotler.
·         Need for segmenting a market is based on the fact that no market is homogeneous

·         For one product the market can be divided in different customers
           Segmenting in groups is usually geographical, psycho graphical,                               
           Demographical and behavioural
·         Geographical
After understanding the geographical different in needs and wants, and its market potential, Nestle India has received a consensus of 
Launching the brand MILO in four metropolitan cities i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai Kolkata, Banglore and Ahmadabad because of its busy   lifestyle.
Also, aiming at its climatic extremes, Nestle feels it could serve its customers with better MILO derivates.

·         Demographic
 Nestle Milo calls for dividing the market in to different variables such as age gender sex family size and so on.
 Nestle Milo goes for the segmentation of  ages such as for kids and                           teenagers we have Milo Strong,  for families and occasion we have Milo Rich and for working and busy people we have  MILO snack bars.
·         Psychographic
 Nestle MILO use the difference in social class, life stage or personality characteristics to segment
Social class
Teenagers relating the brand MILO as a ‘Style Statement’with its cans in their hand & MILO Rich for families relating MILO as a ‘status symbol’with its MILO Rich derivates.
Life stage
We at Nestle have Milo Strong as it is satisfying a kid’s want with a daily dose of nutrition and taste


Educating the consumer about Nestle MILO’s nutrient content and values by projecting and emphazing on Actigen-E and protomalt.

Efforts to be taken to thrill the customer with MILO and succeed in changing the consumers habits .
Influencing  the attitude towards the demographic segments by MILO’s characteristics and attributes.



“A specific group of customers at which a company aims its products and services”
Health drink has moved on from being a luxury good to a necessity household commodity in India ,it is a universal truth that mothers attach a lot of emotional importance to nourishment while bringing up their children. However, children always look out for the tastiest option, to make their daily dose of milk more enjoyable,  Nestle realised what children were missing out  and decided to  come up with the Brand MILO-“Taste with Benefits”
Hereby we focus on and pleased to launch  the following MILO products and its target customers –

1)      MILO Strong-Today’s world is an increasingly competitive place for children. They aren’t just expected to do better, but also do more. Keeping this in mind, Nestle with its rich brand heritage presents MILO Strong.

Target Customers-Kids aging from 5-19 & all chocolate lovers.

2)      MILO RICH-As the name suggest a rich nutritious drink, with a blend of  dry fruit mix,  a pinch of turmeric and flavoured white chocolate having a potential to replace a meal, also targeting it as social drink during occasion and festivals for all members in the family
                  Target Customers-Health Conscious people, dry fruit lovers, white chocolate   fans, irrespective of any age group.

3)       MILO Snack Bar-A healthy bite for anyone to satisfy one’s belly and hunger at any point of day without interrupting chores.
          Target Customer- Kids during theri break hours, office goers on the go, sports player, diet conscious, people who want to resist junk food and  for everyone who prefers a healthy snack.

4) MILO Can- The Cans to be served for a niche set of audience initially and have its own style statement. It hopes to stand out as the best product experience and also appeal the youth of today relating it to a style statement.
                  Target Customer-Kids and above from 12.


“ An effort to influence consumer perception of a brand or product relative to the perception of competing brands or products. Its objective is to occupy a clear, unique and advantageous position in the consumer’s mind”
·         MILO having its presence globally will favour us, Nestle India, to introduce the brand MILO to our Indian masses.
·          Extending the  Brand from its origin Health drink to various other products, thus exploring new segment of customers .
·         MILO strives to be a darling to kids for its SWISS chocolate taste in every sip and bite.
·         By promoting the brand, with exciting offers such  as free distribution of sports gear & accessories and action  figures , hence aiming to create an interest among children for the product.
·         Justifying on the healthy part by incorporating every MILO product with Actigen-e and Protomalt.
·          Introducing Taglines for every product, trying to connect with the audience in its respective segment. For example-
·         MILO Strong - “It’s Time for my MILO”
·         MILO RICH -“Enrich your Day”
·          MILO Snack Bar – I Win Pack!!
·         MILO Can – “Sip Healthy Sip Tasty”.

·         The premium product MILO Strong, a blend of taste and health .
·         By presenting India a new of its kind of health drink, in other words discovering and targeting a new segment  of customers under the product MILO Rich, also to aim the product as a social healthy drink in its further phase.

·         Under the flagship of Nestle ,MILO Can  is positioned as a stylish and healthy ,sleek pack which reflects the style statement of today's youth and also gives them a platform to express themselves.

·         We position MILO Snack Bar as an all time  healthy snack , providing  all the necessary nutrients with mouth watering flavours.


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