The corporate world these days looks like one big bag of confused theories. Theories learnt and implemented without any understanding. We hear of different HR policies and always wonder who made them and why. Majority of the corporate companies are divided internally into two types of people, one- the employees and two- the HR employees. Why this differentiation?
The HR employees are always criticised for everything they do from recruitments to compensations. They are never seen as a friend. The main reason is because the functions of the HR are very difficult. They have to manage ‘humans’ and we all know that humans are the most complex things on this earth. They are seen as ‘management people’ by the other employees. But they are mere communicators. They communicate what is required by the management from the employees and the vice versa. They are always sandwiched between the demands from the management and the employees. A good trait of leadership is to avoid any mismanagement and work as a united team.

The role of HR plays a very important role at managerial levels. Managers today are well trained to become the best leaders. Having leadership skills makes a big difference to the respective projects and the organisation as a whole. Leadership is the most critical management skill. One can define it as the ability to motivate a group of people towards a common goal. A very good leader can become the best manager. And any good manager must try to become the best leader. Roles of managers conventionally are planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. He is responsible for aligning the individual's objectives with the organization’s objectives. And he can do so only by effective communication with the employees and by motivation.

Why is leadership so important for the progress of any company? Employees never leave good organisations, they leave bad bosses. And hence we see an increase in the attrition rate these days. Employee retention is the most crucial task for any HR department in any organisation today. Only high salary and good benefits don’t help retain an employee these days. There is something more that any individual needs like we know the Maslow’s need theory.

But what is most important is ‘humanity’ which is only discussed in theories. We only remember the word human as a part of HR but we forget humanity. Today’s leaders must learn to empathise and listen. Empathy is the ability to identify and understand another's situation, feelings and motives in other words seeing things through someone else's eyes. Empathic leaders have a different approach to problem solving and task delegation. They are flexible, understanding and honest. Such leaders create a sense of responsibility in the employees and increase their loyalty towards the organisation, employees feel important and cared. And responsible and loyal employees will never leave an organisation.
No matter what, today’s managers must learn to be human and correctly implement the various leadership theories such that they blend with the requirement of the team and the organisation as a whole. Managers must not concentrate only on outcome but also on the quality of process as a whole. ‘Be human, value humans’ must be the motto of every manager today.

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