27 March 2014

life is short

life is short

Many coaches believe that they will have a great life when they create a thriving successful coaching business. What they don't understand is they may have it backwards. What we have noticed with our clients is when we step into the life that we want as coaches; our clients are attracted to the energy that we exude. That does not mean that you have to have everything in your life handled perfectly. What it does mean is that each day you are living a life that truly expresses what is most important to you. For us, we know that a life of full presence, of being of service, connection, community, love and abundance is very important. It is what has our lives feel alive and worth living. To that end with each choice we make, we look to see if that choice is in alignment with what matters most. When we look to design our days, weeks and our lives at large we look to see if those things are being honored. What happens is we radiate with confidence and aliveness because we are at choice for how our lives are. That shows and clients want that for themselves and want a coach that can believe in that for themselves.

So, what is the life that you want to design? And if you already know what that life is are you living into it? Are you making the choices that would have you live the life you want?? If not, you may not be attracting the clients you want. So what can you shift to move towards that life that you want? And remember it is not about perfection. It is about progress and taking steps toward the life you want.

It is about being your word to yourself and about creating the life you want!!

Life is short so get to it!!

Your life and your clients are waiting for you!!

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