30 March 2014

Living a life with Passion...!!

If there is passion for living, then a person will strive to breathe oxygen even though his lungs are incapacitated. He will strive hard to live and exert to be in the present.

Many a times, man tends to bury his desires to pursue a remuneration that gets his household supplies. Eventually, this man gets entombed in the rat race and forgets what he desires and what really makes him smile.

Living an artificial life and bowing to peer pressure makes this intelligent human just follow a trend. Result: Inner happiness is missing.

Let us weigh our options. One life to live. Ground yourself and find your passion.

Think of your goals in life. The stuff that you love to do or the thing that puts a smile on your face and relieves all the pressure off you.
Create a game plan since life is short and we tend to get distracted from our goals.

If you yet to find a hobby that gives you pleasure. Find a new sport or a task. Keep venturing into new things cause you never know what could give your an adrenaline rush.

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