management function- organising

Aspects of Organizing:
(a)Formal and Informal
(b)Span of Control
(c )Problems with levels in organization
     (1) Levels are expensive
     (2) Levels complicate communication
     (3) Levels complicate planning and control
The principle of the span management states that there is a limit to the number of subordinates a manager can effectively supervise, but the exact number will depend on the impact of underlying factors
(d) Gracuinas’ formula:
C= n ( 2    + n-1 )       c= number of relationships
                               n= number of subordinates
(e) Richman’s case        
Factors which affect the span of control:
  1. Amount of training
  2. Clarity and delegation of authority
  3. Clarity of plans and repetitiveness of operations
  4. Verifiability of objectives
  5. Changes in external and internal environments
  6. Communications techniques
  7. Interaction between superior and subordinates
  8. Meetings effectiveness
  9. Number of specialities at lower and middle levels
  10. Competence and training of the manager
  11. Complexity of the task
  12. Subordinates’ willingness to assume responsibility
  13. Maturity of subordinates

The managerial function of staffing is defined as filling and keeping filled,positions in the organizational structure.This is done by identifying workforce requirements, inventorying the people and
6.Planning the careers of
8.Training & Developing
n.b. The above tasks are to be accomplished  Efficiently and Effectively
Staffing is separated from Organizing because of:
(a)Staffing organizational roles not recognized by practicing managers
(b)Staffing places greater emphasis on the human element
(c )Important body of knowledge and experience has been developed

(d)Managers often overlook the fact that staffing is their responsibility and not that of the Personnel department 

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