27 March 2014

Memories behind memory

Memories behind memory

Memories here are some of the past incidences which make us recall the happenings when we view them in present, in the form of photographs, album video players etc. When we glance at such memories, many a times they give us lot of pleasure and happiness and take us back in past.  Such memories are generally stored in the form of cut outs, photograph, album, video cassette, etc.  They are kept well secured inside the cupboard, hidden within clothes, inside the books, and some of them are even kept inside volette in secret zip covered within lots of unwanted paper carried every day.
I, at the age of 23 years, experienced the fast changing world, and various different tools of preserving the memories which were lacking in olden days. We are lucky enough to enjoy every moment of life and preserve it as a memory, during every function like birthday party, picnic, get together and so on, where we keep on clicking photos with the help of mobile for future remembrance.   Mobile made the present of every individual so thrilled and cheerful that they can experience their past within a fraction of second as per their choice and convenience.  This will help us recall and enjoy sweet memories.  The current generation has a privilege of preserving their sweet memories in CD’s, computer, mobile, etc.   But this was not the case before 20 to 25 years.   When I talk to some elderly person about his old memories they say they had no such tools like mobile, CD's, computer where they could protect their sweet memories which will cherish their present while enjoying their past memories.
Few days back I have experienced it when my 84 year old grandfather sits beside me talking to my father discussing something that I have no interest in.  I have removed my mobile from my pocket and pressed unlock button to operate my mobile.  Light flashed and my dad gave me a sweet look and smile looking at my photo which I have saved as wallpaper on my mobile.  Dad showed it to my grandfather and asked him whose photograph was it.  He said it’s me.  After having a look at my photograph he smiled with cheer and then remained quiet for some time.  I was observing his emotions during this time and  realized that, he is trying to recall  his sweet memories and became sad as there were no computers, CD’s, mobile phones  to record them as life them as, now they are only memories behind memory.

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