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men are motivated to get ahead, women are motivated to get along


Happiness takes a highway when motivation is on the driver’s seat; especially when it comes to professional life. Interestingly, motivational factors have been studied and found to be remarkably ‘different’ for both the genders at a workplace. For instance, women show higher job satisfaction but lower commitment levels as compared to men, given the same work environment. Different values appeal to the two genders, making them respond differently to opportunities, bonuses and rewards, etc. Women and men hold different perspectives on what is important and ‘motivating’ for good work performance.
Financial Rewards The most traditional manner of motivating employees; while a pay raise would somewhat equally motivate both the genders, researches reveal that men generally respond better to motivation through financial rewards. Although both the genders are pleased to receive a bonus, men tend to work harder and seek a raise with greater anticipation than women.
Acknowledgement Acknowledgement motivates both the genders, but women respond more favorably to frequent acknowledgement. In his article, Roy Saunderson, a columnist of ‘Incentive Magazine’ states that women like to get verbal and written acknowledgement for their work more often than men do.
Training Opportunities that educate employees, fortify their knowledge and prove instrumental towards their career advancement are welcomed by both the genders. However, women may need these training programs structured in a different manner.
Respect A sensitive motivator at workplace is respect. Asking workers, regardless of their gender, for input on improving business operations demonstrates respect for their opinion and may increase their overall job satisfaction. However, to women respectful environment is an essential pre-requisite for working in an organization. Expressing consistent respect would naturally have women respond more positively than men, as women hold ‘soft-issues’ dearer.
Power Sense of importance is one of the main pursuits and generally, a crucial motivating factor for men. In his article “What Motivates Man?”,Aaron Welch (a licensed mental health counselor) states that men have a strong inclination to seek greatness and to have sense of value. In a job, this would imply doing work that significantly impacts success of the organization. While many women also yearn for importance (in form of acknowledgement), to men, it is the primary motive in many areas of life.
Teamwork Teamwork or group tasks are highly productive and popular gifts of the twenty-first century. According to a study conducted in 2004 by Northwestern Institute of Policy Research, USA, teamwork is a more natural fit for women than men. Men tend to prefer autonomy at work, while women are more inclined to work with others and to build positive relationships with co-workers. Women, conversely, are better suited for ‘communal behavior’, as compared to men.
Emotions Women are generally more emotionally motivated at work. Consistent support and encouragement for a job done successfully drives women into higher levels of productivity. Men, on the other hand, seek motivation through the success (fruit of their effort) itself, and the power they derive out of accomplishment and promotion (such as a pay raise or elevation in their ranks..
Competition Competition typically stimulates men at workplace. However, in the right work environment with a generally competitive group of employers, it is possible to motivate both the genders through healthy and friendly competition. For example, retailers can have a healthy competition over who can sell most of a given item in a set time. The key to inducing healthy competition at the workplace is wise management. If managed successfully, competition can motivate both the genders into proving their gender and/or individual superiority[1](Kokemuller, 2011)
Through a sneak peak at the difference of behaviors, it is useful to note that both men and women have their own, peculiar strengths. It is for the organization to understand those strengths and create an environment affording greater job satisfaction, commitment level and thus cultivate happiness in their organization.


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