29 March 2014

Mercedes-Benz launches new models

BANGALORE: Continuing with its strategy of introducing upgrades and variants into the Indian market, DaimlerChrysler India announced on Friday the launch of the 'E-280', its new variant of 'E class models' and the debut of the diesel variant, the E-280CDI, in India.
"The world over, including India, the E-Class remains one of the most popular models, with around 825 units of E class being sold in 2005. The new E-280 and E-280CDI will further strengthen the product line" Wilfried Aulbur, MD and CEO of DaimlerChrysler India said in a statement here on Friday.
The E-280 (petrol) boasts of enhanced capabilites compared to its predecessor, the E-240. It delivers 170 kw at 6300 RMP, an enhancement of 50 per cent compared to E-240.
The car delivers 282 Nm at 2500-5000 rmp as opposed to the 225 nm at 4500 rmp for the E-240.
Additional features are parametric steering for enhanced steering comfort, new V-6 engines, seven-speed automatic transmission and electrohydraulic braking system. The E-280 also displays agility, sports car-like handling and good cornering in addition to some good braking systems, he said.
The Mercedes-Benz E 280 CDI, a power packed variant, features a V-6 engine in contrast to the single line engine assembly of its predecessor E-270CDI. The engine also delivers a rated 440 Nm torque and 140 kw of power in contrast to 127 kw of E-270CDI.
The E280 is available across India at all Mercedes-Benz authorised showrooms at the ex-showroom price of Rs 40,57,828. The E-280CDI is available at an ex-showroom price of Rs 39,31,361.

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