methods of training and development

Training Methods and Techniques
                                Classification of Training Methods.
    On the job   Demon. &    Apprenticeship            Other Training
                    examples                                              Methods
          Vestibule     Simulation                    Classroom
Lectures     Conference                                Associations    Audiovisual
                                     Case Study
Classification of Training Methods:
1.     Training in the field, on- the- job
        In-Plant Training
        Craftsmanship Training
2.     Simulating Real Life Situations
        Role Playing
        Business Game
        In-Basket Training
3.     Laboratory Training
        Sensitivity Training-T-Group and L-Group
        Transactional Analysis.
  1. Sampling Real Life
        Incidents, Case Method/Case Studies
  1. Individualized Training or Counselling
        Practicing Specific Skills
        Reading and Writing Assignments
        Postal Tuition
        Programmed Instruction
  1. Discussion Methods
        Syndicate Method
        Seminars , Conferences, Colloquium, Symposium
7.       The Lecture Method.

                                     CAREER PLANNING
             ( Balancing Individual and Organizational Needs)
Organization’s Needs
Strategic                       Operational
Current competencies  Employee turnover
Future competencies    Absenteeism
Market changes            Talent pool
Mergers, etc.                 Outsourcing
Joint ventures               Productivity
                                      CAREER MANAGEMENT
                                      Personal                         Professional
                                     Age/tenure                     Career stage
                                     Family concerns             Education & training
                                     Spouse employment       Promotion aspirations
                                     Mobility                         Performance
                                     Outside interests            Potential
                                                                           Current career path
                                                                                Individual Needs.

The basis of Career Planning is the Appraisal System which has two basic objectives viz
(a)    Control Mechanism (b) Development Mechanism.

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