28 March 2014

Mussolini a successful leader

He managed to assume almost all parts of govt offices & its power in order to regain control of the economy, and in a short period of time, Mussolini was successful in stabilizing & taking country out of economy turmoil. He became known as ‘ll Duce’ meaning the leader.
His Qualities as a Leader : Physical Quality  – he had an attractive and dynamic appearance, energy and height; Mental Quality – he was intelligent and had the ability to lead; Personality – he was aggressive a leader, enthusiastic and self confident; Task Related Quality – He was an Initiator and had an achievement drive which made him to achieve his goals.
Mussolini was perceived as the BEST of the leaders; Mussolini’s style of leadership – AUTHORATIVE & at a certain also EXPERT; Performed Leadership Roles – Educating, Communicating & Leading the Change;  Mussolini’s Leadership was a result of Strong Will – Power & Hardwork ; Mussolini was an Autocratic Leader & gained followers by striking fear into them with his secret police force; Mussolini’s followers – some asset meaning that made impossible things possible, some neutral who made possible things possible & some liabilities who made possible things impossible;  Mussolini was made leader by King Victor Emmanuel II.
Mussolini’s Success:
1.    His early achievements were as follows:   In 1904 to 1914 Mussolini was journalist and editor for Avanti (McMillan);  the he joined Italian army at the start of WWI -  World War 1; the War injury in 1917 allowed Mussolini to become editor of Popolo d’Italia  - this Newspaper strongly demanded Allies to support Italy’s demands at Paris Peace Conference.
2.    Followings factors helped Mussolini rise to power : Mussolini took advantage of Italy’s poor conditions and was able to show his leadership skillsr; then Mussolini attacked Vittorio Orlando because he failed to get Italy’s objectives with the Treaty of Versailles; also Mussolini Formed the Black Shirts Militia; and thereafter Appointed Prime Minister by King Emmanuel III in 1922 to avoid communist revolution in Italy  as King thought that
3.     Mussolini as a Dictator:  Carried out extensive public-works program; Fascists tried improving various sectors of Italian affairs like- Cultivation of more lands; Irrigation of the marshes; Production of corn; Railway and road network improvements; Lowered unemployment rates. Also in 1929 – Mussolini won jurisdiction of the Vatican through an agreement with the Papacy; He Captured capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, in May 1936; Signed non-military alliance with Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany in October 1936; Invaded and captured Albania in 1939 and Also signed Pact of Steel with Nazi Germany in 1939.

4.    Mussolini’s Post Dismissal Achievements like: Mussolini Rescued from prison by Adolf Hitler and Otto Skorzeny on September 13, 1943 and After rescue, Mussolini set up a Salo Republic which was Fascist regime in Herman which occupied Northern Italy and also Arrested and executed five people that voted against him on the Fascist Grand Council out of which One of those five was his son-in-law, Galaezzo Ciano.

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