24 March 2014

Negotiating as management skill essential to plan a Wedding

Weddings are an endless pit of expenses. And these days, Indian weddings are so much more extravagant and lavish. Nowadays, each and every function is held on a grand scale, where budgets run in endless zeros in the end. Everything from engagement, sangeetmehendi, cocktail, bachelor bash, wedding day and reception are made to be grand affairs.
It is no wonder then that many parents/couples tend to take out huge loans or break into their savings to cover the wedding expenses. But you don’t really have to do all that! Before you actually start planning a wedding, here are a few ways you can negotiate with wedding vendors to get the best rates.
Be realistic
If you have a wedding planned for five hundred guests and arranging accommodation for a hundred of them, there is absolutely nothing you can do about the costs. But you can ask your vendors for incentives. Like at the hotel where you are accommodating your guests, you can ask them for free pickups and drops and a complimentary meal. This is a reasonable request and can help you save on the transport and food costs.

Another example is, if you want a venue that seems expensive, don’t ask for a discount. Try to ask the vendor to provide you with upgrades like free decoration, a live band and free servers as an incentive to sign their contract. No matter what vendor you are dealing with, be reasonable and polite and you will get a better deal. Just remember, if you cannot negotiate for cost then ask them for better deals

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