24 March 2014


Tulip Star Hotel, Juhu- Macau Midnight Madness-New Year Party - New Year Party Cancelled because of mismanagement in between and No money was refunded
Many people had booked tickets for a new year party organized by Tulip Star Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai through a known source. The event was named as “Macau Madness” and was scheduled on 31st Dec 2013. Cost of a single ticket was Rs 2000 and unlimited free food, unlimited free liquor, Dancers etc were promised in the mentioned amount. I along with 2 friends, reached venue at 9 pm jus to avoid the later chaos and get in the mood of party. However, there was no proper management at the venue. From the start  itself  the only thing available was liquor and there was no arrangement of starter snacks. The situation was so terrible that people were served snacks like they give food in a relief camp .People were given food as being. Later on within one hour people started shouting for the pathetic arrangement and started demanding refund of money. There were about 5000 people .Juhu Police was called and they told party is closed and decision on refund of money will be decided in sometime. That sometime did not come and the party was closed. People felt cheated on New year. Party looked like a funeral ceremony. This was said by many of the them.

The thing that should be brought to light in here is that even after so much of mismanagement things could have been brought under control by postponing the event for some time and apologizing for the delay and making all the necessary arrangements in that stipulated time. The event could still have been a hit.

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