29 March 2014

ON Page SEO Techniques

Now that we have seen Off page Seo Techniques before that we need to do some research ON Page like what all factors are important for ON Page Seo Techniques .
On page relates to Background or Back Hand of any website, On page SEO plays important role in ranking or indexing of website. Only after On page seo we can proceed to Off Page.

ON Page SEO includes :-

1. Title :- Title should be very precise it should always include your main keyword for that particular page which are developing.

2. Description :- Your description should contain page content including few keywords which you are planning to target. While google spider crawls through your website it looks out for description and keywords which will be shown in Search results.

3.Keyword Tag :- As mention above when spider crawls it looks out for keywords which is relevant to the site.

4. Images :- Your website might contain few images you should always  optimze image with ALT and Title tags.

5. Creation of URL :- Your URL creation should be search friendly it should contain atleast one keyword which you want to rank.

6. Content :- Your content of website should be jargon and you should not copy from other website or any other online portals neither google may banned you for doing such things. Your content should include few keywords related to that particular page.

7.Navigation :- You should have a check on your navigation also whether it is Text or Image.
8. Internal Linking :- Internal linking helps to engage your visitor through your website only. It also helps to control bounce rate.

9.Geo Tagging :- It helps your users and search engine to see your actual business location.

10. Google Analytics :- It helps you to have an insight of your website like your visitor , bounce rate etc.

11. XML Sitemap :- This file is created to submit to google and bing webmaster to crawl your website faster or to get indexed.

12. Social Tools :- You should always mention or should have social buttons on your website.

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