28 March 2014

Online Marketplace Abe's Market to Start Funding Organic Businesses

Online Marketplace Abe's Market to Start Funding Organic Businesses

On Abe’s Market, an online marketplace for natural products, you can order skin, hair and body care items from a company called Valley Green Naturals. You’ll find typical information about each product -- price, ingredients etc. – but you’ll also find a video introducing the husband and wife team behind the line. “Valley Green naturals is a labor of love between Art and Cindy DeVore,” a voiceover explains. “They met over 29 years ago when they were stationed together in Mississippi. Art was a marine, while Cindy was in the Navy.
A little cheesy, perhaps. But the video transforms Valley Green Naturals from a faceless company into an idyllic brand. Consumers can also ask Cindy and Art specific questions: so far, inquiries run the gamut from if they test on animals (they don’t) to the consistency and texture of their “Quencher” moisturizer (slightly on the thicker side, but it absorbs into the skin easily).
These direct interactions between small-business owner and consumers, along with a commitment to natural and organic products, is what defines Abe’s Market, says Richard Demb, the Chicago-based company’s CEO and co-founder.

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