PACE - IIT and Medical

PACE – IIT and Medical believes in providing the highest quality of education in coaching the students for competitive examinations such as IIT-JEE (JEE Advance), JEE Mains, NTSE, KVPY and various Olympiads. For over 13 years, it has helped thousands of students achieve their dream of getting into IIT's and other top global universities.

PACE takes pride in being the experts in Integrated Learning Model and we continue our endeavour to come up with more innovative solutions to help students get quality education. Besides, we maintain a focused child-centric approach through which we aim at holistic way of learning. One of the biggest strength of PACE lies in its faculty and with a team of distinguished faculty members, we ensure that students’ needs are met. In addition to regular courses, we also offer students with rigorous individual doubt-solving sessions whereby teachers can adopt a methodology that is best suited to the specific child.

Follow this interest to stay updated with the new courses that we have to offer and know more about our existing courses for the students.

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