29 March 2014

Painting: As a Hobby

Painting: As a Hobby
A painting,
It is not just applying colours on a piece of paper but it is a combination of ideas and thoughts put together to express its meaning to those who look at it. It is forceful conversion of your thoughts process into colourful picture. It is a thought process which disturbs your mind and makes you convert your thought in terms of picture in a piece of paper till he become peaceful. The moment you see the result that is nothing but a complete picture which makes you happier and cheerful.
A painter is who whose hand automatically gave a way to draw something that satisfies his ideas thoughts; it may be in the form of portrait, Landscapes, or journal art by using watercolour, poster colour, oil pestles, acrylic and some other medium. It may be with reason or without; it is just holding a pencil in hand to complete ideas and thoughts on paper by via picture.
Unlike this painting helps me to forget everything and just focused on that particular moment, till it is completed. When I start, I just sit for some time to compile my thoughts and ideas before I draw them in the form of picture. While doing this I am so much devoted that for some time I feel I am in the haven and I am experiencing the ideas and the thoughts as a part of my life.
A word of suggestion
Most of the time it so happens when you are disturbed, just do one thing, sit with a blank paper. Whatever comes into your mind draw it and after sometime you realised that, the reason for which you were disturbed before is no more there.

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