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perspective management

Organization: An organization has four essential elements
                      (a) Group of people
                      (b) Interacting with each other
                      (c )In a structured manner
                      (d) Towards a common objective
Management: Implies getting things done through and with people
Manager: He is the dynamic, life-giving element in every organization. And it is the quality and performance of its managers which is the only effective advantage an enterprise in a competitive economy can have and particularly in a business enterprise.
Three elements stand out in a manager- competence, integrity and performance
Who is a manager?  The CEO or the middle manager or the supervisor?
A manager’s decision-making, action and behavior  are all geared towards ‘Economic Performance’. The objective of a business enterprise could be Survival, Profit and /or Growth ? Peter Drucker feels otherwise-’creating a customer’. 
The Manager has the following responsibilities:
  1. Managing a Business
  2. Managing Managers
  3. Managing Worker and Work
  4. Managing Time
A Manager has to manage Resources- 5 Ms- Money, Materials, Machines, Methods and Man. One of these resources is different from the others. Which one and why?
      What about Time as a resource?
A manager also performs the following functions:
Planning, Organizing .Staffing, Directing and Controlling or
Leading, Planning, Organizing and Controlling
Planning –determines what results the organization will achieve
Organizing- specifies how it will achieve the results
Controlling –determines whether the results will be achieved
Leading- through planning, organizing and controlling managers exercise  leadership 
An Organization is a coordinated group of people who function to achieve a particular goal
A Manager is a person who plans, organizes ,leads, and controls the allocation of human, material, financial, and information resources in pursuit of organizational goals.
He hires, trains, and motivates others to manage people who do that job
Management refers to a group of managers
They perform tasks like planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the work of the organization.
Management refers to the tasks and activities involved in directing an organization or one of its units: planning , organizing, leading and controlling
Types of Managers:
Functional managers-supervise employees having expertise in one area, such as accounting, human resources ,sales, finance, marketing, or production
General managers-are responsible for the operations of more complex units- for example a company or a division  
The Manager has the skills, the competence and the experience that are common and therefore transferable in the form of analytical and administrative skills which are extremely important but secondary to the primary objectives of the enterprise.
The manager can improve his performance in all areas of management, including managing the business, through the systematic studies of the principles, the acquisition of organized knowledge and the systematic analysis of his own performance
But the ultimate test of a manager is achievement rather than knowledge. Results, remain, of necessity, both proof and aim.
Besides, because of the importance of the business enterprise in today’s world, Management inevitably has become one of the most influential groups.

Management is not only a creature of the economy but a creator as well. and to manage a business means managing by objectives An Organization is a coordinated 


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