24 March 2014

Points need to be considered during Performance Assessment

While working in any company, few things are very important that everyone should do but most of us ignore it all the time. One of such important work is performance evaluation. Either it is done by boss or by employees. But it is now considered as an important factor in maintaining employees- boss co-ordination. There are few basic points under which, you should perform such assessments of your boss and these are:
Leadership Quality: This is very first and major area you need to assess about your boss. Scale your boss under this; whether he has amazing leadership qualities, he has ability to give guidelines to his juniors and employees or he has no such quality. And this can be checked in the situation when you need his guidance and how he/she gives it you.
Stress Management Skill: This is another important area need to be evaluated when you are using 
Rate my boss report, and under this you can scale him/her based on the quality how he reacts under pressure i.e. he can handle any type of pressure with ease or breaks easily.

Knowledge, communication skills, attendance, are few basic areas in which you can rate your boss and tell others that how you boss is.

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