24 March 2014

Skills Needed in a Team

A team is defined as a reasonably small group of people who bring to the table a set of complementary & appropriate skills & who hold themselves mutually accountable for achieving a clear & identifiable set of goals. Teams are usually formed to produce better quality decisions with a wider range of skills & experience.

A team should always have the right mix of skills. The right mix of skills should be brought to the task at hand. It is also a question of carefully reviewing the job to determine what relevant skills is required & selecting staff so that the team has the right balance. Providing relevant training then makes up any shortfall in skills.

Technical skills are required. For teams who are trying to improve a process that cuts across department boundaries, each function should be represented. One should achieve a balance of skills.

When the group is new, it is likely that members will bring narrow skills learned in their old roles. They will need to develop broader skills for the new job. To ensure this, training & coaching should be provided.

Problem-solving & decision making skills are the most important skills needed in a team. When a business is making its first venture into team based work, it is likely that people will not have a good grasp of the techniques related to problem analysis & solution.

Interpersonal skills are also important. Most people do not listen well & get distracted sometimes. Active listening is required. Many people do not speak to the point but go off-topic. Most people do not take criticism well & tend to be defensive about their own opinions. To overcome this, people should make sure they speak to the point, have the points written down somewhere on a piece of paper. People should also have an open mind by taking other’s opinions into consideration.

If a team has all these skills, then they would produce good results & work efficiently and effectively. Hence, teams are very important in the corporate field.

By Kirk Coutinho

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