27 March 2014

Stress Management

What is stress ?
Stress is a way in which a body reacts when it faces or takes up a challenge. Due to some reason your body is not able to take up that thing or there are hardships facing or doing a particular task. It could be mental or physical challenge.

How to manage stress ?
There are 4 ways in which 1 can manage stress : -
Avoid: one can just avoid the situation and by differentiating between must and should.
Adapt: reframe the problems of life and look into the positive side of everything.
Alter: if you cannot the avoid the situation alter it.
Accept: if one cannot avoid or alter the situation one has to learn to accept it.

Benefits of stress management:-
1. It improves your overall health status.
2. One is  able to assume a more positive attitude and outlook in life.
3. It increases your productivity and helps you to focus clearly on your tasks.
4. One  have better control over your emotions and how you respond to it.
5. It reduces or eliminate stress in your life.

How to overcome stress :-
  1. Try to build stress-reducing activities into your life, such as exercise, relaxation and hobbies.
  2. Eat well and ensure you have sufficient rest and sleep to prepare yourself for the inevitable stresses of life.
  3. Avoid making self-critical comments.
  4. Become aware of your own strengths, weaknesses and needs.
  5. Make it a priority to get plenty of support rather than trying to cope alone.
  6. Write down your thoughts so they begin to make sense. Decide on priorities and look for solutions.
  7. Think creatively — what might another person do in your situation?
  8. Delegate, share responsibility, and renegotiate deadlines. Often those around you won’t realize how overloaded you’re feeling.
  9. Prepare for events as much as possible in advance, but don’t try to be perfect, or expect other people and events to be perfect.
  10. Always seek expert advice when you experience severe physical and emotional symptoms.

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