28 March 2014

Time Management

Time management is an important aspect, to management time ant to obtained desired target is the motto behind the time management. It is an act to plan an activity and how much time to delegate to it. This can reduce the time that we waste doing the same thing. Allocation of time in a particular manner can increase the control on time to complete the task or responsibility.
Time management has certain tool, methods and techniques. It not just results in professional life but it also gives us time for our personal activities. Time management also helps in project development that means it increases the quality and the scope of the project.
As we all know time doesn’t stop for anyone, that why we should run or adjust according to it. For time management we must firstly set our priorities that which work to be given more importance and setting deadlines of the same.
Time management benefits you in many way like that of disciplined, well organized and always ready to initiate for the upcoming challenges as you are not pre-occupied with your previous tasks.
Certain techniques of time management:
1.     Write down the important events and task.
2.     Allocate the adequate time for the task or event.
3.     Do not take all the work at a same time.
4.     Set priorities.
5.     Do not let any work for a spare time.
If you will act according to what have you planned surely you will accomplish the task and will also get spare time or personal time.
The best example of time management is Dabbawala. They are so perfect in their time management that enables them to deliver Dabba on time and on respective places every day.

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