25 March 2014

Travel away & Learn!

Travel can be a powerful tool for personal development. How? You learn a lot about yourself. It’s really important for students to think about who they are as active citizens. They’re learning in the classroom, but as they think about developing their leadership and citizenship skills, experiences with Alternative Breaks can help enhance the education they’re getting at the university. It can show you what you're passionate about! College is about learning who you are and what you want to do with your life. Alternative Breaks really teaches you about what you want to do in the future, which strengthens your education.

I’ve also realised that we all  – to a certain degree -  take things for granted. Some of the things  include food, electricity, transport, heating and safety.  Going to a country where these basics are not always available is a real eye opener.
Of course, travel can enlighten you about so many other things in your environment, like the attitudes of people, quality of food, cultural behaviour, differences in fashion and much, much more.
As strange as it may sound, going far helps you understand what’s near a lot better.
Travel is a form of learning because it exposes (or can expose) a person to cultures other than one's own and to places that have historical or cultural significance.
If a person travels to foreign countries, he or she may (if they pay attention) come to understand more about how people from other countries live.  The traveller may come to understand what sorts of material lives the people have and what sorts of attitudes they have towards various things.
If a person travels to historically relevant places, he or she can learn more about the past.
With the globalization of information and more efficient travel, it's more likely than ever before that a person will have some personal (or virtual) exposure to people from other countries. Traveling to other places is an opportunity to experience the culture, the language, and even the politics and government of people who are probably unfamiliar.  Just that basic understanding, that it's not simply a language which separates people from other cultures--that other places and other people are not necessarily like the people and cultures you know--is a significant advantage to being able to adapt to a globalized world. 
On the other hand, traveling also allows people to discover the inherent similarities among people of different cultures.  Look at it from this perspective: despite the differences in language, the diversity of cultures, and the disparity of politics and governments, people are essentially the same.  Human nature is human nature.  
Traveling is, indeed, a learning opportunity.

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