24 March 2014

Types of Marketing Orientations

Related to my previous article on types of demands, now I’ll be explaining the different types of marketing orientations. Marketing orientations are important in helping to position a product. There are 6 types of marketing orientations, which are as follows:

1.  Product Orientation: The organization focuses on making the product to be the best in quality, performance & innovative features. The organization thinks that making such a great product will automatically attract the customers to buy the product. E.g. Apple I-Phones= Believes in making the best product!

2.  Selling Orientation: In this orientation, the seller gets into the mindset of the customer & convinces him/her to buy the product, even though the customer never thought of buying the product in the first place. E.g. Aquaguard, Insurance agents

3.  Marketing Orientation: In this orientation, it’s focused on how to market the product. Being efficient & effective is the core of marketing orientation. E.g. Times of India- Efficient & effective newspaper

4.  Social Marketing Orientation: Society should be satisfied with the product that is being offered. Focuses on benefiting the society E.g. Educational institutions like TIFR, TISS etc.

5.  Production Orientation: In this orientation, products are produced in an excessive amount & also at a reasonable price. Hence, they flood the market & customers buy the product. E.g. Coca-Cola

6.  Customer Orientation: This orientation is solely based on the customer’s preferences. Companies believe that making a product according to the customer’s preferences would help in selling of the product. E.g. Zomato (Mobile App)= App to find the restaurants in your city.

The 6 marketing orientations help in positioning the product & eventually help in selling of the product successfully.

By Kirk Coutinho

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